Dr. Michael Feldman

Michael FeldmanDr. Michael Feldman completed his PhD in Moscow Machine-Instrument Institute in 1977; worked as a senior researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow; currently works as a computer system engineer and an adjunct associated professor in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.
He was an editor of Elsevier’s Journal of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (2008-2017).
He is a coauthor of two books published in Russia on the subject of computer-aided experiment in dynamics of machines; the  author book “Hilbert Transform Applications in Mechanical Vibration” Wiley, 2011, and the author of more than thirty articles dedicated to the Hilbert transform applications published recently in research journals.

Hilbert Transform Applications in Mechanical Vibration by Michael Feldman
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