Simulink Models

Simulink models. Version 1.0 ( Matlab: R2010b/R2006b) 03-Dec-2010

Table of Contents (T0C)

s13.mdl / s13_R2006b.mdl – Signal instantaneous characteristics: Envelope and Frequency
s16.mdl / s16_R2006b.mdl – Hilbert Vibration Decomposition
s19.mdl / s19_R2006b.mdl – Vibration system modeling: Nonlinear free vibration
s20.mdl / s20_R2006b.mdl – Vibration system modeling: Nonlinear forced vibration
s21.mdl / s21_R2006b.mdl – Vibration system modeling: Asymmetric free vibration
s22.mdl / s22_R2006b.mdl – Vibration system modeling: Two DOF system
s23.mdl / s23_R2006b.mdl – Vibration system identification: FREEVIB method

run_s13.mdl – run model s13.mdl
run_s16.mdl – run model s16.mdl
run_s19.mdl – run model s19.mdl
run_s20.mdl – run model s20.mdl
run_s21.mdl – run model s21.mdl
run_s22.mdl – run model s22.mdl
run_s23.mdl – run model s23.mdl

lpf.m – Remez lowpass filter and filtering procedure
duffrd.mat – Duffing equation free vibration solution

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Hilbert Transform Applications in Mechanical Vibration by Michael Feldman
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